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Our Design Process

Professional Designs for Successful Outcomes

We take the guesswork out of how to design and build a house, or commercial space, that is unique, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing. By working with a professional architectural firm you minimize risks, save time and money and enjoy peace of mind for success. Typically, a full-service project is broken down into the following stages of work:

Stage 1: Conceptual & Developmental Design

During the first stage, we take your project information to draw initial plans and layouts and create exterior 3D visuals to ensure your vision is aligned with our proposed execution.

Stage 2: Technical Design & Building Regulations

Next, we provide highly accurate technical drawings and structural specifications needed for construction. These are essential for the contractor and the teams they work with.

Stage 3: Contract Administration & Construction Inspection

To offer you the best rates and identify the ideal contractor for your project, we gather bids from contractors for you to review. After selecting a contractor, we move on to contract administration, and finally, construction.

Ready to get started on your project?

For more information, and to discuss your project, please contact us to schedule a meeting. Once we know more about your requirements, time frame, and budget, we can determine the appropriate scope of work.