Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) has amazing technology in which a user is completely immersed in a virtual three-dimensional environment. Within this computer-generated simulation, the user can interact and explore the virtual world in a realistic way. VR can also be experienced through computers or smartphones. At VRchitects, we offer VR options to clients interested in experiencing their projects virtually. This can help them better implement their design goals or sell projects to partners or consumers.

Virtual Reality in Architecture

Over the past few years, Virtual Reality has transformed the industry, allowing an exciting way for architects and clients to precisely align their visions and providing a realistic way of visualizing projects. In VR, a client can see exactly how their completed space will look like, including the layout, materials, furniture, all internal and external fixtures, fittings, small details, and more! They can experience the ambiance of a space, how each component affects another, and whether a building structure flows well in 360 degrees.

Similar to actually standing in your future house, VR allows you to open doors, switch on lights and move as if you’re there. Essentially, it is the closest thing to standing in your home yourself. No need to imagine a final design, our 4D virtual reality technology will do that for you, allowing you to experience a space in 360 degrees. In simple terms; a client can walk around all the rooms of their house before it has been built, allowing them to give greater design input at an early stage of the process. This can accelerate the approval process and cut down on design rounds, saving a client time and money.

Benefits of using VR in architecture, include:

While traditional architectural visualization methods like drawings, floor plans, and digital renderings help plan and develop a project, VR takes architecture to the next level. Whether you are a homeowner, entrepreneur, or developer, we cater to clients interested in premium solutions to their architectural and interior design projects.